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It’s Time to Make a Career or Life Change. Tips on Making an Informed Decision.

It’s Time to Make a Career or Life Change. Tips on Making an Informed Decision.


Are you looking for alternative ways to make an income, or do you need guidance on making decisions to help you change aspects of your life and work so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled?

Hello there and I am so pleased you are looking at making some changes in your life and career.

We do have an outstanding inspiring team of experts, mentors, leaders and a huge community of like-minded people who have their own businesses and are developing them. We have all chosen this route in our careers and lives, and we get great pleasure in helping you achieve the things you decide you want in your life because we were once like you, here looking for advice.

The first thing is to stop the BS! No excuses. Be totally honest with yourself.

Yes, you’ll have to do some work by writing your answers down and really putting in the effort to look at yourself and your situation.

Grab a paper and pen.

We only have one life and this life is for the living. Each day can be happy when you are following your true path and when you have decided what you want. When you have a plan all you’ll need to do is take action and follow that plan. No-one can make excuses then can they?

So put in the time to do this otherwise you’ll have to put up with hearing yourself moan. Here we go…


What don’t you like about your current work or situation?

To ensure that this is the right time for you to change be clear why you want to leave.

  • Are you bored?
  • Stuck
  • Not growing
  • Have a long commute
  • Long hours
  • Don’t get on with co-workers
  • Undervalued

Be specific

Do you really want to change? How serious are you? What do you want out of your new role?

What exactly don’t you like and what exactly would make your life more enjoyable…what does your Ideal life look like?

  • Time Freedom
  • More energy
  • More creative
  • Work on own
  • Work from home
  • Develop and continue to grow

What will happen if you don’t change your Career? Can you continue doing what you are doing for the rest of your working life?

What are your anxieties and Fears?

Write down each fear and then turn your fear into a ‘’how question.

  • Drop in pay… How much money can I survive on? Be realistic with your budget to get a clear picture.
  • Won’t be able to pay my bills…How much money do I need to pay my bills?
  • I won’t have money for my retirement…How much money do I have to earn to be able to save for my retirement?
  • What if I don’t like my new job? How can I ensure that I recognize when I need help when I am struggling or not continuing to learn and enjoy what I am doing?

You may not believe you can reach your goals…

Break it down like this. If you want to run 10K and you are unfit, start by going for a walk for 30mins then build it up to 10min jog, 20min jog, 30min jog etc.

This is about making you aware of what you need to do to achieve your goals. Take action and break down the steps each day if you have to. This will build your confidence, you will begin to take control and with persistence, you’ll reach your goals. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes even if small.

The trouble is we don’t stick with things half the time, do we? So you need to be accountable for your actions and be consistent and organized otherwise you will not reach your goals. Make sure you complete the above questions, put your energy into this right NOW and you’ll have taken the first step in moving forward.

Pick goals that you are passionate about and love. This will keep you motivated. No one will stick to things they hate or don’t love, do they? or lost interest in or stress you out…this is what has led you here after all.

What are your abilities skills interests and preferences?

This will give you an idea of what you have now and what you’d like to develop, or have to offer others in your new job and can lead you to the steps you may take in learning new skills or training. Include what styles of working or learning suit you, what environments you like to work in and how you interact with others and who you like to be with.


Be realistic. After writing down all of these things. Ask yourself. Is this change Possible?

What are your limiting beliefs? Or what is stopping you from making this change? Be honest about whether your direction is the right one for you. Does it fit your needs and wants and will it allow you to grow?

What Can We Offer You at SFM? (The Six Figure Mentors Training Academy)

I can offer you some further guidance by emailing me directly or linking in with me on facebook messenger.

I also have our comlimentary 7-Day Video Series. My mentors have put together these videos so that you will get a further taste of the training we have on offer if you decide to choose the path of training and mentorship. You and our team will decide if you are a right fit when and if you sign up for the training.

The Videos series won’t cost you a penny, we know these decisions aren’t easy to make, remember I was where you were not so long ago. I am able to offer advice to people because I have many life experiences and have been through the training and developing my own business and living the life I want to.

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Implement these 5 Self-development Steps for more Abundance and Personal Growth.

Implement these 5 Self-development Steps for more Abundance and Personal Growth.

Implement these 5 Self-development Steps for more Abundance and Personal Growth.

Looking for Personal Development tips? You are in the right place.

For Personal Growth and Self-Development understand that bad things do happen and are needs and wants change as we increase our experiences in life, it’s a choice to start over and make new decisions so that you can put into action from a new plan, start growing and achieving more of what you want. You CAN control your thoughts and stop listening to the voice in your head that has doubts and excuses, these stop you achieving. So decide today and CHOOSE a different path.

You can be the better person you want to be. You can create your own abundance and continue to personally grow. All it takes is you.

Here are 5 Self-Development Tips that when you implement them and make them your routines and habits, you can grow and create your own lifestyle and abundance. 

1. Understand that everyone makes mistakes, has failures and has bad things happen to them even if they are good people. These happen to anyone. Every Moment is important and matters. Don’t waste it.  Our experiences good or and definitely bad! Lead us to the success of the future because we have the ability to learn grown and change the way we do things.
2. Understand that you can make a choice and know that you CAN Start Over. You can be the person you want to be, you can focus on what matters and follow new proven ways of doing things. All it takes is you. You don’t have to continue to defend the way you have been taught in childhood, school, college the workplace, you can leave this in the past and start over. Make that change and stop doing the things that don’t work and are making you stand still.


3. Understand that you are all that you need. You control your mind and your thoughts. You CAN believe in yourself, you CAN see things differently, you can be disciplined in changing your routines to work for you and be beneficial to your health and wellbeing.  You can meditate, calming your thoughts, and allowing yourself to have a vision of your goals and dreams. You can eat the right foods that prevent you from being tired and ultimately could lead to illness and disease. Fueling your body with the right food and drink will improve your body and brain function and balance your moods. Practice Gratitude every day. Choose to be that better person you want to be in your behaviour and interactions with others. Project good vibes and this becomes infectious. Just give up with the blaming and complaining and even being a part of this and look at this as a challenge to be that better person. Plant a seed within them and watch them grow.
4. Understand that you can and are allowed to copy what other people and experts do. Follow the path of success and thank those people for leaving a path.  However…You will have to be willing to do what it takes to figure out what they did so that you can put in the work to succeed. You will have to decide to change, learn new skills and execute/take action.
5. Understand that you will grow further and become closer to being fulfilled and successful when you share your knowledge. How you make others feel says a lot about you and the person you want to be. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were of value to others? If you provided some support in what you said or what you showed them and this, in turn, helped them on their own road in achieving their goals?
This is powerful.

Once you start taking action on your own self-development and making your new routines a reality you will understand that bad things happen and things do and can change, you can Start Over, you control your thoughts, you have the choice to choose a different path and become the better person you want to be, You will increase your own abundance in life and continue to personally develop.

I hope that this inspired you to start making those changes in your life? Please share with others so that they can get the benefit too.

It is hugely liberating and fulfilling for me to reach people all over the world. I am still learning and developing my online business. I owe thanks to this opportunity and the mentorship I have with SFM and appreciate the development of the Online Digital World that makes it possible to make an income. If you are thinking of starting an online business and really want to take further steps in creating a life you love then enter your details below and it will take you to more information where you’ll meet Stuart on video. 

If there is anything else I can help with please drop me an email, my link is on the contact page or link in with me on facebook.It is my pleasure to see people grow and achieve the things they desire in their lives.

Love and hugs Adele Booth

Fill out your details and get sent the same 7-day video series that I was sent that changed my life.

In the series you will learn:

▪ How the digital economy works.

▪ What affiliate marketing is all about.

▪ What products you can sell as an affiliate.

▪ Understand why everyone isn’t doing it.

▪ The key ingredient for success online.

▪ BONUS: List building for profit pdf.